A Reader’s List of 2016 Books

I appear to be in a reading slump. A measly 15 books is all I’ve got to show for 2016. And of those 15, I can’t say that any of them stuck with me, which is why this year’s list isn’t a “best books” list, just a book one. So if you’ve got a recommendation,…

It’s All in Our Head

Funny thing, that brain of ours. The way it takes disparate pieces of information and like Play-do (the dough, not the Greek thinker), mashes it all together into something that resembles the truth but is in reality discolored, inaccurate, and smells a little funny.

Living in Our Digital World (with Chickens)

Chickens really do go “Bock! Bock! Baaaa-ock!” like in every cartoon you’ve ever seen or joke you’ve ever heard. I know this firsthand because our neighbor’s chickens make this very cartoonish call a lot lately. In fact, I can hear them right now bock, bock, bocking with a strange, urgent, panicky tone. I’ve learned in…

A Soggy Salutation from Seattle

What’s unique about Seattle in the winter is that lawns are bright green. So is the moss growing on roofs. Everywhere you look, it’s like someone squeezed out a tube of green paint. So that’s something.

There and Back Again: Tales of Love and Adventure

We are all in search of love – in search of that person who loves us for our beauty, our warts, or our narrow-minded impatience and judgment of others (I’m looking at you, Elizabeth Bennett). We are all in search of adventure – to match wits with clever antagonists, to search for treasure and return with a boon, be it gold, experience, or knowledge.

The Night Is Filled with Wonder

At the very heart of it, The Night Is Filled with Wonder is an adventure novel. And like every adventure, the main character returns with a boon: knowledge. When faced with danger, something bigger and more unimaginable, she does this: she presses on. No matter what. She just keeps going.

Hi-ho! Calling Baby Dinosaurs Here

I want to tell you something that I don’t tell most people. I love watching birds. We live in the city, which means we’re surrounded by concrete and cement. City trees are planted down the streets making sure cars don’t mistake the sidewalks for roads. As city dwellers, we overlook a busy street. Across the…

My Love Letter to You

I’m struck by something that I praise Facebook for. Something that no other generation before us has ever had – and it’s an amazing and beautiful thing.

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

When I was a kid, I wanted to be from New York City in the worst possible way. Like fictional children in children books, I would have gotten lost in museums, become subway savvy, have hailed a cab before the age of 28, gone to Yankees games after school and considered the rest of the…

On Silence, in an Always On, Overly Connected World

He spent his weekends on the Continental Divide. He’d leave the house with a rifle thrown over his shoulder, a bedroll on his back and not much else. It didn’t matter if it was summer or winter. Up he’d go into the mountains where he’d literally eat off the land. And sleep on the ground….