A True Fairytale of Sorts

I used to work at a call center and it was about as bad as you can think it would be. Repetitive. Florescent. Uninspiring. You say the same thing to every caller. You take their order. You bid them goodbye. Then you do it again. But it’s a good job for students and moms who…

Young Love Narrowed Down to One

Through the months, lots of girls came and went. Usually in packs. Their voices carried across the balcony, across the air. Always with laughter and lightness. Until there was just one girl’s voice that carried across the way.

Hi-ho! Calling Baby Dinosaurs Here

I want to tell you something that I don’t tell most people. I love watching birds. We live in the city, which means we’re surrounded by concrete and cement. City trees are planted down the streets making sure cars don’t mistake the sidewalks for roads. As city dwellers, we overlook a busy street. Across the…

My Love Letter to You

I’m struck by something that I praise Facebook for. Something that no other generation before us has ever had – and it’s an amazing and beautiful thing.

The Making of an American

In the West, everyone is from somewhere else — heading to somewhere else. We are, at the very least, a country on the move. On our way from what was to what is — without looking back.

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

When I was a kid, I wanted to be from New York City in the worst possible way. Like fictional children in children books, I would have gotten lost in museums, become subway savvy, have hailed a cab before the age of 28, gone to Yankees games after school and considered the rest of the…

On Silence, in an Always On, Overly Connected World

He spent his weekends on the Continental Divide. He’d leave the house with a rifle thrown over his shoulder, a bedroll on his back and not much else. It didn’t matter if it was summer or winter. Up he’d go into the mountains where he’d literally eat off the land. And sleep on the ground….

The Hermit

His first name was Frank. But we only ever referred to him as the hermit. He wore a red and black plaid wool coat, long before the hipsters got a hold of the look. And he used to roll his own cigarettes, which when I was a kid was the most amazing thing I’d ever…


“…my dream was fulfilled: Los Angeles lost the game 0-2!! “

Butte, Montana

“Butte doesn’t change. It’s a tough town, even if it does have a coffee shop.”


“…I outsmarted her by bringing only two suitcases so she will have to throw some clothes away if she buys too much.”