Welcome to Left of Seattle

In Seattle, it’s easy to forget you’re surrounded by water. Even though there are bridges over it, houses nestled up next to it, ferries that shuttle cars and people on it, it’s still possible to forget that it’s even there. Stand here, in the University District, and look to the east to see Lake Washington….

At This Time of Year, Be of Good Cheer

I have no great love of Christmas. There haven’t been many filled with excitement and magic. And it’s not that I’ve lost my child’s heart and grown old and cynical. It’s just that this time of year, and what it means to me, has changed.

When the Arrow Hits Its Mark

The first time he saw her, it was love at first sight. He was in a bar and it was the forties, in Butte, Montana, and women unescorted by men in bars were rare. Which is why the woman’s uncle, when he saw her there with her sister, got up and chased the pair of…

Carpe Diem in the Eternal City

In Rome, everything that has ever been done has been done there. Whatever will happen has already happened there. Roman air is thick with history and the millions of spoken words that have ever been spoken. I’m sure that Bob was not the first to stop and climb atop the fallen marble in the Forum…