Home Sweet Wyoming

Anyone who has ever driven through Yellowstone, or seen images of the Grand Tetons should know straight off that the rest of the state looks nothing like that mountainous, grand northwest corner. The majority of Wyoming has more in common with Arizona or New Mexico than it does with Colorado or Alaska. Once at the…

Boys to Remember from a Bygone War

They were dutiful boys and men, who stood in line for a paycheck, looked eagerly for letters from home, longed for packages of socks and cigarettes, and wore their wills pinned to their jackets.

What’s Left Behind When All Is Said and Done

As I add another piece (the name of the ship they sailed on to America, a draft card, an alternative spelling of their name), I move on to the next search with a little voice prodding me along, asking, What makes up a life?

There and Back Again: Tales of Love and Adventure

We are all in search of love – in search of that person who loves us for our beauty, our warts, or our narrow-minded impatience and judgment of others (I’m looking at you, Elizabeth Bennett). We are all in search of adventure – to match wits with clever antagonists, to search for treasure and return with a boon, be it gold, experience, or knowledge.

The Night Is Filled with Wonder

At the very heart of it, The Night Is Filled with Wonder is an adventure novel. And like every adventure, the main character returns with a boon: knowledge. When faced with danger, something bigger and more unimaginable, she does this: she presses on. No matter what. She just keeps going.

Crushed By People and History in Istanbul

I felt swallowed up in Istanbul. Stunned at times by the beauty. Overwhelmed by the crush of people. Struck dumb by the thousands of years of history. A country mouse at the hub of the start of the civilized world.