Living in Our Digital World (with Chickens)

Chickens really do go “Bock! Bock! Baaaa-ock!” like in every cartoon you’ve ever seen or joke you’ve ever heard. I know this firsthand because our neighbor’s chickens make this very cartoonish call a lot lately. In fact, I can hear them right now bock, bock, bocking with a strange, urgent, panicky tone. I’ve learned in…

Welcome to Left of Seattle

In Seattle, it’s easy to forget you’re surrounded by water. Even though there are bridges over it, houses nestled up next to it, ferries that shuttle cars and people on it, it’s still possible to forget that it’s even there. Stand here, in the University District, and look to the east to see Lake Washington….

A Soggy Salutation from Seattle

What’s unique about Seattle in the winter is that lawns are bright green. So is the moss growing on roofs. Everywhere you look, it’s like someone squeezed out a tube of green paint. So that’s something.